Conference Venue: HuangHe Hall, DongHu Hotel 

The DongHu Hotel, originally established in the early 1950s, is situated along the picturesque shores of East Lake. With a sprawling courtyard spanning 2800 acres and a waterfront of over 3000 meters, the hotel boasts stunning views, overlooking the Mo Mountain to the east and the Lujia Mountain to the south. The surroundings are adorned with lush greenery, meandering paths, and the harmonious interplay of lake and mountain, all in their natural splendor.

Throughout its history, the hotel has hosted leaders of the Republic, as well as numerous foreign dignitaries, serving as Chairman Mao Zedong's residence for 48 stays. Often referred to as the "Zhongnanhai of Hubei," Chairman Mao once dubbed it a place of "white clouds and yellow cranes."

The captivating East Lake Hotel stands as an exquisite and elegant natural oxygen bar. The entire garden is a picturesque scene, akin to a painting where every step presents a new landscape. The hotel offers a complete range of facilities, including four distinct reception buildings named Meiling, Nanshan, Baihua, and the International Conference Center. Within its premises, there are 85 various conference halls, over 500 guest rooms, and 40 banquet halls. Notable spots include the Qingxiangzhai Hot Pot City, which exudes architectural styles from the Republican era, and the Haiguang Water Pavilion Restaurant with charming lake views on three sides. The hotel also offers a luxurious yacht that combines business, leisure, and gatherings. From savoring delectable cuisine to exploring East Lake, your stay transcends beyond business and leisure, offering a profound connection between your soul and nature.

"Forest within the city, harbor within the forest" – East Lake Hotel adheres to the principle of guest first and service paramount. With a butler-style and dedicated conference team reception model, the hotel provides top-notch services to all types of guests, ensuring a sense of unparalleled hospitality for everyone.

Distances to Nearby Locations (in kilometers):

Airport: 40
Train Station: 14
City Center: 2
East Lake Scenic Area: 0
Surrounding Landmarks: Hubei Provincial Museum, East Lake Scenic Area, Mo Mountain Scenic Area, East Lake Ocean World, etc.

Conference Venue Sketch Map

Meeting Hall





美丽的东湖宾馆俨然一座精致优雅的天然氧吧,整个庭园风景怡人,移步移景,如临画中,各项接待设施一应俱全。全院拥有梅岭、南山、百花、国际会议中心四大风格迥异、人文色彩深厚的接待楼群,各类会议厅堂85个,客房500余间,宴会餐厅40个。 院内还有民国时代建筑风格的沁香斋火锅城,三面环水、湖景迷人的海光水榭餐厅,集商务、休闲和聚会于一体的多功能豪华游艇。品美食、游东湖、赏美景,您的下榻不仅仅是商务休闲,更是心灵与自然的碰撞,让您回味无穷!